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We were founded in 2012 in Copenhagen in Denmark where we launched our first website “HurtigMums” with recipes and tips and tricks to the kitchen. Back then we were only available in Danish. Today we have expanded and now you can find almost all our danish recipes and a lot more here on Almost Nordic.

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These recipes have come to the world with the help our team of Carrine, Beate, Laust and Mavra. 

Kanelsnegle Recipe

Feel the taste of The Denmark

Her you can find a list of Danish recipes

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Felix Intelegando


A Crostini is an Italian words that means “small crusts”. And that’s exactly what it is. Small crusts or small slices of toasted bread or

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ube vs taro
Carrine Samantha

Ube VS Taro

Ube VS Taro – Both ube and taro are considered rather similar plants. They are a part of the yam family and both are grown

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ceviche de camaron
Laust Kehlet

Ceviche De Camaron

Ceviche De Camaron. Ceviche is a popular seafood dish available in Central America and coastal regions. Even if it has been around for a long

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Asparagus Soup
Felix Intelegando

Asparagus Soup

Mums asparagus soup. During my childhood, the asparagus was something we got as scrub for a big family celebrations. They are quite expensive then, ‘till

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