Сreating Own E-Liquid: Roots Pros & Cons

Creating personalized e liquids is a popular request in Google, but not many people still dare to become “e liquid inventors”. The article will discuss why people might want to try to create the liquids themselves and why they do not do such things.

Desire to Create

People are generally creative creatures. We like experiencing new things. We love exploring the world we live in. We adore being the first. This trait of humanity contributes to such processes as progress, development, and evolution. The desire to be a creator is a driving force in art and science. Often even these fields overlap with each other. If we talk about the use of electronic cigarettes, then this industry can hardly seem creative. And yet, users could find a way to express themselves beyond just choosing a device design. Many are interested in creating new flavors for their best e cigarettes (https://vapingdaily.com/best-electronic-cigarettes/).

Where does this Start?

When electronic cigarettes first appeared, the range of flavors was very limited. The e liquid could be minty and sometimes taste like coffee, but nothing more. Precisely because of this, when cig-a-likes grew into full-fledged vape pens, and the e liquid could be poured personally, vapers began to show their creativity, creating various mixtures of existing liquids or starting from scratch and creating their own unique and original.

Moreover, some people, completely overwhelmed by curiosity, make efforts to vaporize not only specially designated substances but any other substances available and interesting to them. Spoiler: it did not always positively affect the owners of even the best e cigs themselves.

Is Creating your own E-solutions that Popular?

Yes – indeed. As of today, the choice of e-liquids is so diverse that it can be difficult to choose which ones you want to try first. Not the last role in this was played by JUUL, which at one time was the most popular vaping company among consumers. This company was one of the first to provide the market with a variety of e liquid flavors. That is why they have been repeatedly accused of marketing aimed at children, which can lead to tobacco addiction in people under 18. However, even with such a great variety of liquids for one’s best e cig, some people keep curious about testing their own possibilities. It is highly possible to find loads of requests and answers connected to e liquid recipes on the Internet. Even despite numerous warnings by e cig companies not to do that since chemical formulas need to be tested before consumption, people continue creating their own e liquids to express themselves.

Any (dis) Advantages of Creating your own E-liquid?

The first individual e liquid creators would mention a wider range of flavors. However, this point can hardly be taken seriously these days. The width of the flavor range is enormous today, so one has to be lazy if one claims they could not find the proper taste online.

Secondly, one might think that an e liquid created at home would not cost an arm and a leg. It might be true in a way. However, let’s think in a way a business person would think. Buying in bulk is always a much more profitable idea than retail purchases. To get the e liquid of the same quality as in the best vape shop, one needs to spend large amounts of money on ingredients of high quality. Surely, the vast majority of people will not do that. Therefore, they risk their health, money (for treatment), and life.

On the contrary, it should be noted that often the products of a well-known company are more expensive than the products of a company with less customer recognition. This is what happens when a brand sells itself. That is, the buyer pays part of the price not for the quality of the product but for the container in which it is sold and what status this product will have in society. Sometimes the best e cigarette is not better than the other one, less advertised. The same works for e liquids.

Should you Create your own E-liquids?

The question is open, but here are some existing ideas about possible outcomes. Creating e liquids for personal use is not illegal, so as it goes, anything that is prohibited is allowed. At the same time, the consumption of chemical elements that are not approved by the FDA or any other similar, trustworthy organization is not welcomed. At the same time, if one can be sure of the quality of their own liquid and can certify it, that would be welcomed, and such a person might become one of the best e liquid producers in the world in the future.

Creating e liquids just for gaining popularity online or to test the extremes of one’s own body is not recommended at all. It might seem to be a way of expressing yourself creatively, maybe even creating a blog. However, such a blog might spark interest in vaping devices in the young generation and lead them into the tobacco trap. That might not influence you directly but will damage society and future generations. All in all, creating e liquids is a personal moral question, even if it is just for personal use.


The most important point is that creating your own liquids for the best e cigarettes might tremendously harm your health. It is unlikely that you will know the precise doses of all the ingredients and be able to test their use before e liquid creation.

At the same time, DIY kits for e liquids are a perfect marketing idea for companies. Using such kits should be safe and interesting for any vaper. If you want to create your own flavored e liquid, try to buy such a kit to be on the safe side. Be responsible when creating a substance, and never overdose!

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