What to serve with corn chowder?

What to serve with corn chowder? Winter’s still hanging an and you’re looking for a quick, simple dish that fills you up and warms you up. How about some delicious corn chowder? Corn chowder is a versatile dish that can accommodate a variety of tastes. If you are now wondering what to serve with corn chowder, there are a variety of foods that can complement a bowl of corn chowder.

How is corn chowder made?

There are a variety of recipes with their own nuances when it comes to making corn chowder. At the heart of a corn chowder recipe are creamed corn, potatoes, cream or milk, and bacon. Onion is often included and various garnishes, including fall vegetables such as squash and carrots, herbs such as parsley and dill, or spices such as pepper or paprika, help make each recipe distinctive. For vegetarians, removing the bacon is a simple alteration that does not reduce the appeal of the dish; you can easily add some salt or even some diced and sauteed mushrooms for some extra umami.

For vegans, adding coconut milk will help to maintain the creaminess and richness of the chowder in the absence of dairy and animal products. Many recommend using fresh corn and removing it from the cob, but using frozen or canned corn is a fine substitute (especially if it’s out of season and you’re pressed for time!). Blending the corn chowder, either partially or completely, is another option and depends on whether you like your corn chowder creamy or chunky.

You can also look into different ways that a classic corn chowder can be mixed around with additional ingredients for different flavoring. There is also the option of alternatives in the case of allergies and other food limitations. Either way, this chowder dish provides plenty of options for everyone.

Side dishes for and what to pair with corn chowder

As important as how the chowder is made is what goes with it. Fortunately, there are a variety of options that pair well with a nice, warm bowl of chowder. Because corn makes corn chowder a sweeter soup, many like to compliment the dish with something that is either hearty, salty, or slightly bitter. For example, if you’re looking to amplify the heartiness of the soup, you can enjoy more dairy dishes with a grilled quesadilla (with or without meat) with black bean in the mixture, or a grilled cheese sandwich; cheeses such as cheddar or gouda melt well and lend a nice sharpness to complement the sweetness.

For those who like more of a fleshy side dish, sausages or roasted fish provide a nice heartiness to balance the sweetness of the corn. You can also stick with starches and serve fresh-baked rolls or biscuits (which have a creaminess on their own) or cornbread, which enhances the sweetness of the corn in the chowder. For those who like a little bitterness, or who like a lighter side dish, roasted or steamed vegetables such as steamed broccoli, green beans or collard greens help to balance the sweet, richness of corn chowder.

Depending on how you like your vegetables, you can also make them into different dishes to enhance the flavor profiles. However, you will also need to consider limitations in the case you end up with something that makes the overall meal too heavy.

What to serve with corn chowder for Vegans?

If you’re vegan or just like a fresh flavor to complement your meal, a salad, with romaine or arugula, is always a nice option. You can also add a side of sweetness with cherry tomatoes or a kick to the chowder with some jalapeno peppers. Other healthy options include a kale salad,

Although corn chowder has a simple structure, there are a variety of nuances that you can use to make the dish stand out. Likewise, there are a variety of side dishes that go well with corn chowder and help to balance or amplify, the sweet and creamy flavors inherent to the soup. From starches to veggies, baked goods to dairy products, and even meat dishes, a bowl of corn chowder can go well with just about anything!

A few examples you can go with include cheese biscuits and grilled cheese sandwiches for extra richness. For something extra filling, you can also do a side of potato pancakes, beer-battered onion rings, or loaded cornbread. If you want a full-on meal, consider grilled salmon, roast beef, or sliced smoked sausage as a side dish. Or if you want something healthier, steamed veggies or fresh ones like juicy tomatoes also work. You can also keep it simple with some dinner rolls, or buttermilk biscuits. There is plenty of delicious food you can pair with corn chowder.

After the different sides and options to try with corn chowder, you can tie up your meal with some dessert. A good option would be some apple crisp pie with vanilla ice cream. Either that or you can note down which is your favorite option to serve with corn chowder for next time.

Other Ways to Enjoy Corn Chowder

While classic corn chowder is a hearty dish to enjoy, there are different ways you can experiment with this dish. For example, try adding some sweet corn to the mix to add a sweet taste and turn the dish into sweet corn chowder. It takes only a few ingredients to make a difference with this chowder dish. If you’re looking to make corn chowder as a main dish or want to try creamy corn chowder, adding cheeses like cream cheese or ricotta cheese to your corn chowder ingredients is a good way to try this. It is especially nice if you pair this creamy chowder with some crusty bread with olive oil.

You can also try out other additions such as parmesan cheese for a sharper taste or add in some spice with either green chilies/green peppers or bell peppers. Be careful when playing around with a recipe though, as it can end up changing the main dish if you do something like add too much corn. It is also good to keep an eye out for the flavor profile and how rich the chowder is if you want a side dish like potato pancakes or loaded cornbread as an accompaniment.


Corn chowder is an excellent dish you can warm yourself up. You can also enjoy it either alone or paired with a variety of dishes. Out of the different options you can choose, some of the best pairs are vegetables. A refreshing salad is a great option for a chowder side. One healthy option you can go for would be a kale salad, especially one that has vermont maple syrup in it for a mix of flavors.

If fresh vegetables are not enough, you can also play around with them and try dishes like a tomato sandwich or jalapeno poppers with lime juice as alternatives. That way, you can get some essential nutrients and try different combinations of two dishes. Or you can explore what other ways you can enjoy your choice of vegetables. Even something like black beans, when prepared in the right dish, can make a lovely combination with vegetable chowder.

If you have room to have a large meal, try adding other dishes like a grilled cheese sandwich or shrimp tacos. You can also meat dishes such as grilled salmon with brown sugar in its seasoning for mix of sweet and savory flavors. Don’t have any room left for something like shrimp tacos or smoked sausage?

You can also keep things simple and enjoy a simple with something small. A side of dinner rolls and finish your meal off with a lovely dessert of apple crisp pie with vanilla ice cream is optional. What ever you choose, there are a variety of options that pair well with the chowder dish.

More than pairings, you can try adding other ingredients to the corn chowder to try your choice of flavors. So long as you keep the needed ingredients, there are many different ingredients you can test with. For example, you can add some spice to the mix or you can make it heartier with some bacon bits.

There are so many ways you can enjoy corn chowder and a variety of options work great with the dish. Depending on how you enjoy your chowder, you may end up finding a favorite recipe by just experimenting good pairings.

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what to serve with corn chowder

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