What to serve with corn chowder?

what to serve with corn chowder

What to serve with corn chowder? Winter’s still hanging an and you’re looking for a quick, simple dish that fills you up and warms you up. How about corn chowder? Corn chowder is a versatile dish that can accommodate a variety of tastes. If you are now wondering what to serve with corn chowder, there are a variety of foods that can compliment a bowl of corn chowder.

How is corn chowder made?

There are a variety of recipes with their own nuances when it comes to making corn chowder. At the heart of a corn chowder recipe are creamed corn, potatoes, cream or milk, and bacon. Onion is often included and various garnishes, including fall vegetables such as squash and carrots, herbs such as parsley and dill, or spices such as pepper or paprika, help make each recipe distinctive. For vegetarians, removing the bacon is a simple alteration that does not reduce the appeal of the dish; you can easily add some salt or even some diced and sauteed mushrooms for some extra umami. For vegans, adding coconut milk will help to maintain the creaminess and richness of the chowder in the absence of dairy and animal products. Many recommend using fresh corn and removing it from the cob, but using frozen or canned corn is a fine substitute (especially if it’s out of season and you’re pressed for time!). Blending the corn chowder, either partially or completely, is another option and depends on whether you like your corn chowder creamy or chunky.

Side dishes for and what to serve with corn chowder

As important as how the chowder is made is what goes with it. Fortunately, there are a variety of options that pair well with a nice, warm bowl of chowder. Because corn makes corn chowder a sweeter soup, many like to complement the dish with something that is either hearty, salty, or slightly bitter. For example, if you’re looking to amplify the heartiness of the soup, you can enjoy more dairy dishes with a grilled quesadilla (with or without meat) or a grilled cheese sandwich; cheeses such as cheddar or gouda melt well and lend a nice sharpness to complement the sweetness.

For those who like more of a fleshy side dish, sausages or roasted fish provide a nice heartiness to balance the sweetness of the corn. You can also stick with starches and serve fresh-baked rolls or biscuits (which have a creaminess on their own) or cornbread, which enhances the sweetness of the corn in the chowder. For those who like a little bitterness, or who like a lighter side dish, roasted or steamed vegetables such as broccoli, green beans or collard greens help to balance the sweet, richness of corn chowder.

What to serve with corn chowder for Vegans?

If you’re vegan or just like a fresh flavor to complement your meal, a salad, with romaine or arugula, is always a nice option. Although corn chowder has a simple structure, there are a variety of nuances that you can use to make the dish stand out. Likewise, there are a variety of side dishes that go well with corn chowder and help to balance or amplify, the sweet and creamy flavors inherent to the soup. From starches to veggies, baked goods to dairy products and even meat dishes, a bowl of corn chowder can go well with just about anything!

If you’ve been looking for what to serve with corn chowder, try some of the above recommendations to make a memorable meal.

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