Here you get the recipes starting with either O or P.

Recipes starting with O

Orange Cake – Oranges and cake is not the most usual mix but it is tasty. Here you get our recipe for the orange cake. There is both orange, flour, sugar, and lots of butter in the orange cake.

Recipes starting with P

Pancakes – These pancakes are plain pancakes. Pancakes can be served sugar and jelly. These are not the small and thick ones but the thin and large ones. Pancakes are awesome and you can read our recipe for pancakes here.

Pariserbøf – The word is Danish and means Parisian Steak but that’s all French there is to it. Pariserbøf is a traditional Danish dish. Pariserbøf is a steak served on white bread and always served with capers.

Pebernødder – Pepper Nuts is the direct translation – and what is quite interesting is that there is almost no pepper in the pebernødder. Pebernødder are small Danish cookies that are normally served in November and December during Christmas time.

Pozole – This dish pozole is a stew from Mexico. Pozole is made of chickpeas, bay leaves, onions and more nice tasty ingredients. You can read our recipe on pozole here.

When we get more recipes starting with O or P they will be added here and this list will grow and grow.