Filipino Recipes – What characterizes the Filipino kitchen, and what are some of the most characteristic recipes and meals from the Philippines. We have created a list of recipes here that are developed by our Philippine author and wonderful chef. You will love them.

Ube Biko – Like most other “Ube” recipes this is something that is really sweet and is loved in the Philippines. Ube Biko is a sweet rice cake made out of coconut milk, brown sugar, ginger, and glutinous rice. And well of course Ube 🙂 You can find our Ube Biko recipe here.

Ube Hopia – A flaky Filipino, this sweet treat is a snack that usually has a mung bean filling. With Ube hopia, it gives a more earthy and sweet taste to the pastry using either ube jam or kalamay. These days, there are more flavors explored with this snack. Since ube is a popular flavor, however, it’s a good flavor to give those unfamiliar with the treat.

Ube Ensaymada – As stated, ube is a popular flavor among Filipino treats. With Ube Ensaymada, it adds an earthiness and sweetness to the usual rich and cheesy dish. Ensaymada is a national bread with buttercream frosting and cheese on top. This rich dessert is a great breakfast or dessert item to enjoy.

Ube Cheese PandesalPandesal is a classic bread that you can friend enjoyed in different ways. One of the more popular bread flavors you can find throughout the Philippines is cheese. If you want an additional sweet flavoring, however, you’ll find that ube pairs highly well with cheese. With this bread variation, you can enjoy a sweet and savory treat for a snack.

Ube Leche FlanLeche flan is a dessert you’ll often see at parties and is mainly recognized as an egg custard with caramel sauce on top. There are different ways you can enjoy Leche flan and one of them is by adding ube to the mix. When creating ube Leche flan, you’ll find that there are different ways you can mix up this classic treat.

Ube Turon – Turon is one of many popular street snacks you can see sold by the roadside alongside other banana features treats. Turon generally involves a crisp wrap filled with a grilled type of banana and sweetened with caramel. Ube turon basically means adding ube jam or giving an ube twist to this snack and getting a sweet and rich result.

Ube MacaronsYou’ll find no shortage of unique macaron flavors you can try and make. As a popular flavor in the Philippines, you’ll find that ube macarons are a rich treat to try. Given that ube also pairs well with different sweet and savory flavors, ube macarons are a treat with a lot of potentials for you to experiment with.

Ube BrowniesBrownies are a dessert that has no shortage of options. Ube brownies bring a rich variation to this decadent dessert and can be made in different ways. You’ll find that the simple addition of ube jam/halaya to a brownie mixture can create something even richer to enjoy. It is especially delightful to add things like white chocolate or other sweet pairings that go well with ube.

Ube Cinnamon Rolls Cinnamon rolls are a classic treat that can come with different fillings and variations. Since ube is a flavoring that goes well with any pastry, you can consider this as a Filipino twist to a classic dessert. To make it even better you can try it with either a cream or coconut glaze.

Ube Butter MochiButter mochi is a treat that originates from Hawaii and there are many ways to enjoy it. With ube butter mochi, you get a Filipino twist to the soft treat. The combination and butter and ube bring a rich taste with a fun consistency for you to try.

Ube Mochi PancakesIn the year 2020, Trader Joe created a new mochi pancakes flavor and many have attempted to replicate it. With ube mochi pancake, you get a soft and chewy treat with a sweet and rich flavor. You can either enjoy it as a sweet breakfast or a rich treat for yourself.

Jollibee Inspired Ube Pie – Jollibee is a top fast-food chain in the Philippines and has plenty of popular dishes. When it comes to their desserts, their pies are a top choice. Ube is a highly popular flavor with Filipino desserts and while there is no perfect recipe to copy the popular dessert, there are alternative options to get close to it.

Red Ribbon Style Ube CakeRed Ribbon is a well-known cake shop in the Philippines and features various cakes. One of the more classic types of cakes they hold is the ube cake. Ube cake generally involves ube flavored chiffon cake with cream. While one cannot fully replicate a cake shop’s product, this recipe gives a close resemblance.

Sinigang na Hipon – This soup dish is a variation of the national sour dish known as Sinigang. Sinigang na Hipon is a type of sour soup that involves shrimp and vegetables stewed in a sour and acidic broth. There are different options that come with vegetables but a usual mix is plum tomatoes, white radish, okra, and onions.

Lechon Paksiw – Lechon, which is a whole roasted pig, is a popular Filipino dish that you will see at parties, celebrations, and festivals. When there are leftovers, the best way to make use of them is to turn them into Lechon Paksiw. Lechon Paksiw is a flavorful broth with different spices and helps bring out the pork flavor.

Pork Bistek – There are plenty of Filipino pork recipes and Pork Bistek is one of them. This dish brings a new take to pork chops with a sauce that holds savory touch with a tangy and acidic depth. If you want a new way to enjoy a pork dish with some delicious sauce, this is one option to take.

Chicken Sisig – Sisig is a classic pork dish that usually consists of fatty pork pieces served on a sizzling plate with chili and egg. If you want to go for a healthier alternative, chicken sisig provides you with delicious chicken pieces and liver chopped up on a sizzling plate.

Pancit Malabon – There are plenty of Filipino noodle dishes you can try but Pancit Malabon is one of the more unique ones. Pancit Malabon is a dish that consists of noodles topped with hard-boiled eggs, shrimp, pork rinds, and other garnishes.

Siopao Bola Bola – Siopao can refer to a steamed bun and it can come with a variety of fillings. The word bola bola refers to pork meatballs. In this variation of steamed buns, you’ll find pork meatballs with salted egg and Chinese sausage.

Siopao Sauce – A steamed bun is easily enjoyable by itself, but with siopao, it is best enjoyed with siopao sauce. Siopao sauce involves soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, and star anise and adds richness to any choice of siopao. You can also see optional additions to the sauce so long as you keep the primary sauce ingredients.

Filipino Tocino Recipe – Every place has a classic breakfast, and for Filipinos, that dish is tocino. Filipino tocino basically means sweet cured meat. It is typically served with egg and fried rice. While tocino generally uses pork, you can check out other meat options for curing.

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