In the old days, it was typically the type of meat that was the essential component, when deciding what to serve for guests. Today it is just as often the vegetables and side dishes that are used to form a perfect dinner for your guests and/or your family.

side dish

The theme on this page is sidedishes and below you can find a list of different recipes and inspirational articles you can find here!

A lot of arabic speaking countries claim they invented this great and healthy salad. This variant is mostly inspired by the Lebaneese Kitchens and traditions. Here you get the recipe that is a great Side Dish to most classic meat and steak meals.

Do you also love a perfect Chicken Pot Pie then I can guarantee you that we are two. Here you get some of our suggestions to what you can serve with a chicken pot pie.

Here is the inspiration for when you are serving Swedish Meatballs. Enjoy!

Corn Chowder is another great american meal. Here you can find inspiration to what to serve with your delicous Corn Chowder. Read it here.

Maybe you didn’t know – Swedes eats a lot of vegetables and also with their meatballs. In this article you can read more about what vegetables we and the swedes prefer to eat with the Swedish Meatballs.

It sounds french and Chateaubriand is certainly also a french invention. Today Chateaubriand is served all over the world, but what vegetables do you serve with Chateaubriand. 

This article might become longer and longer as we get more and more recipes onboard.