Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Food Steamer: An Overview

Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Food Steamer

Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Food Steamer – Are you looking to make nutritious meals but do not have the time to make them? Then consider getting a food steamer. Food steamers are convenient gadgets that make cooking healthier and simpler. They use steam to cook a wide range of foods, like vegetables, seafood, poultry, and grains, all while keeping their natural flavors, colors, and nutrients intact. With the ability to cook multiple items at once and handy features like timers and automatic shutoff, food steamers have become must-haves for anyone seeking both convenience and nutritious meals, making it a breeze to enjoy wholesome, steamed dishes at home.

There are many food steamers to choose from, but if you want something versatile, consider the Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Food Steamer. The Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Food Steamer is a versatile kitchen tool that makes cooking healthy and delicious dishes a breeze. Whether you want colorful veggies, tasty seafood, or tender chicken, this steamer simplifies meal prep. It’s perfect for using fresh, seasonal produce from your local market or garden. Plus, it’s user-friendly and lets you do other things while it cooks.

This Digital Steamer can help you create balanced meals by steaming proteins and veggies at the same time, with tips on cooking times. It even has a rice bowl for easy rice cooking and handy features like delay start and water level monitoring for added convenience. Enjoy tasty, nutritious meals effortlessly!

What Makes this Steamer Great?


In terms of design, the product’s compact nature stands out as it occupies minimal counter space, despite its 5.5-quart capacity. Its dimensions, measuring 13.7 x 7.28 x 12.2 inches, make it a practical addition to any kitchen. The inclusion of two separate baskets allows users to simultaneously cook meats and vegetables, with the added flexibility of removing the top basket’s base for taller food items like corn on the cob. An interesting feature is the option to steam eggs using the divots in the baskets. The steamer also comes with a convenient drip tray and a rice bowl.

When it comes to storage, this steamer is easy to stow away due to its compact size, and the rice bowl can conveniently fit within the top steamer basket for efficient organization. However, it’s essential to note that all the steaming baskets are made of plastic, so if you prefer non-plastic cooking, this may not be the ideal choice, though the plastic used is food-safe.


In terms of performance, the Hamilton Beach steamer impressively delivered delicious results. It provides users with recommended steaming times for various foods in the instruction booklet, simplifying the cooking process. That way, anyone new to steam cookers won’t have to worry about messing up if they are unsure where to start. As a versatile gadget, it was found that the steamer successfully steamed rice, carrots, potatoes, and even pears. In comparison to traditional stovetop steaming, this steamer proved to be not only energy-efficient but also easier to clean, making it a preferred choice for the reviewer’s cooking needs.


Maintaining the Hamilton Beach 5.5-Quart Digital Steamer is a straightforward task. The dishwasher-safe drip tray and rice basket simplify cleaning, while the steamer baskets, while not dishwasher-safe, feature removable bottoms, making them easy to wash. To ensure effortless cleaning, it’s advisable to clean the steamer basket promptly after use, particularly when steaming proteins, as any residue can become more challenging to remove over time.

Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Food Steamer Pros and Cons


  • Two steaming trays
  • Accommodates taller items
  • Steam delay option
  • Simple timer


  • Plastic trays
  • Warm mode overcooks food

Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Food Steamer FAQs

What are the basic safety precautions for using the Hamilton Beach Steamer?

Basic safety precautions include:

  • Reading all instructions
  • Avoiding touching hot surfaces
  • Unplugging when not in use or before cleaning
  • Not using with a damaged cord or plug

Can I use the Hamilton Beach Steamer outdoors?

No, it’s not intended for outdoor use.

How do I steam rice in the Hamilton Beach Steamer?

Fill the water reservoir to the MAX line, place rice and water in the rice bowl, then insert the rice bowl into the lower steaming bowl.

How do I hard-cook eggs in the Hamilton Beach Steamer?

Place the egg holder in the bottom of the bowl with the egg holder side up, then stand eggs in the holder (up to 8 large eggs).

How do I set the delay start timer on the Hamilton Beach Steamer?

Press the ON/OFF button, use the up or down arrows to set cooking time, then press the DELAY button. The default is 00:30, with a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 24 hours.

How do I clean the Hamilton Beach Steamer?

After cooling, unplug it and avoid immersing the base in water or liquid.

What’s the approximate cooking time for salmon fillet in the Hamilton Beach Steamer?

It’s approximately 16-20 minutes.

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Hamilton Beach Digital Electric Food Steamer

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