How Many Ounces in a Pint?

The answer is: There are 16 Fluid Ounces in a Pint. There might be small differences from ingredient to ingredient but that is the rule of thumb.

Below there is a calculator from fluid ounces to pints and below that another calculator from pints to fluid ounces.

Conversion Calculator: From Ounces to Pints

Conversion Calculator: From Ounces to Pints

Ounce(s) to Pint(s) Converter


Conversion Calculator: From Pints to Ounces

Conversion Calculator: From Pints to Ounces

Pint(s) to Ounce(s) Converter



Have you ever wondered how many ounces in a pint equals? It does not seem like the most common question, but it does make one think. Not every cooking and baking measurement are the same in the world. Moreover, there may be times you’ll deal with a recipe that calls for a certain amount of ounces and pints. If you find yourself worrying about how to work with unfamiliar measurements, don’t be! We have plenty of tips and information on different measurement systems, especially those dealing with pints and the number of ounces in them. 

It can also be very helpful to know the conversion factors between various units of measurement. By knowing the right measurements and conversions, you can not only hone your cooking skills but gain some helpful tips for converting recipes. In this essay, we will be going over the different information and conversions involving pints and ounces. 

What Is An Ounce?

Before working out how to work with pints and ounces, it’s important to understand what these measurements are. Ounce derives from the Roman word “uncia.” In the past, a standardized measurement of weight and length was one-twelfth of the Roman copper bar (one uncia). The reason we have the modern ounce and other systems of volume measurement is due to the influence of the United Kingdom. An ounce is a measurement that covers mass, weight, or volume. A common form of this measurement in cooking is a fluid ounce. A fluid ounce is equal to 1/6 of an Imperial pint, or 28.3 grams. 

If you go by an apothecary ounce, it equals 480 grains or one-twelfth of a standard pound. Very few countries still use the Imperial units of measurement and they are 

how many ounces in a pint

What Is A Pint?

Pint derives from the French word “pinte”, but it is also possible that it derives from the Latin word “pincta.” This is because the latter word refers to the marks made on the side of a container to indicate its volume. In ancient times, the number eight was used as a divisor whereas we now use the number 10. When measuring a pint, a Roman pint was equal to one-eighth of a gallon. When measuring under the United States metric system, a pint is equal to 16 ounces of liquid. 

Because of this, a pint bottle or pitcher holds 64 ounces. However, you should know that this is not the standard measurement everywhere. Case in point, the United Kingdom and Ireland use different definitions of a pint. That definition is 20 ounces as the standard. This results in a different standard of measurements of a pint and the conversion. For this essay, we will be comparing the U.S and U.K standard of a pint. 

In the U.S pint is equal to 473 milliliters. On the other hand, a pint has a capacity of 568 milliliters in the U.K. Outside of the U.K though, a pint not only refers to a drink order but a metric system. As a result, for almost everywhere else in the world, half a liter of beer is considered a standard serving size because of the metric system.

How Many Ounces in a Pint and How Many Fluid Ounces in a Pint?

Different pint sizes are a result of different standard units of measurement among countries. Some of the more commonly used metric systems are the British Imperial system of measurement and the US customary system of measurement. Given that the U.S metric system is more popular, that will be our focus. When discussing pint as a measurement, a customary pint in the U.S. is smaller than the Imperial pint. Determining proper measurements in cooking can be tricky at times as there are cases where cups have an ounces guide but no quarts guide. 

Going back to understanding a pint; in cooking and baking, a pint refers to liquid measurements. A liquid pint is 12 (half) a cup. Now, if you want to convert this measurement to a fluid ounce, it can vary depending on the amount. One U.S. pint is equal to precisely 16 fluid ounces. If you want to convert a half-pint, you just need just divide the quantity in half. Thus, a half-pint equals 8 ounces. When you convert fluid ounces to pints, you’ll find a pattern as follows: 

Fluid OuncesPints
8  fl. oz. ½ pint
16 fl. oz.1 pint
32 fl. oz.2 pints
64 fl. oz.4 pints
128 fl. oz.8 pints

Measuring An Ounce And Pint Internationally

How many ounces in a pint is an easy enough question, but as stated, not every measurement system is the same in the world. We know much a pint equals in the U.S. and U.K, but for countries like Canada and Australia, a pint is equal to 20 imperial ounces, the same as in the United Kingdom. When you convert the imperial ounces to the U.S. fluid ounce measurement, it results in 18.432 ounces.

In other countries like Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Sweden, a pint is more often considered equivalent to 500 mL. You would not ask for a pint of Lager in Denmark, nor will you ask for 8 fluid ounces of lager but rather a half liter of beer.

This is very near to the size of a standard one in the United States since it equals 16.91 fluid ounces.

How many ounces are in an Imperial Pint (UK)?

A pint or liquid pint can also refer to a beer in the U.K and in the imperial system it would be an imperial pint. So if you are using a U.K recipe and see a liquid pint of something, your best bet is to convert it to 20 fluid ounces if you don’t want to use the imperial system. Otherwise, you can consider it as another word for getting drinks. Be warned, an imperial pint of a drink is larger than you think. 

How many fluid ounces are in a US pint?

If you want to go for the official definition of a pint, Merriam-Webster describes the word pint as “a unit of capacity equal to 1/2 quart.”  Compared to the imperial system, the U.S customary system of measurement is widely used. As stated, a pint is another word for beer in the US and UK and the international standard for a pint of liquid beer is 16 fl oz. A pint of beer is not something you want though, if you want to go for something cheap. Most bottles and cans are 12 ounces in size. 

Imperial Fluid Ounces vs U.S. Fluid Ounces

Imperial fluid ounces and pints ended as the standard following the US’s separation from the UK. Compared to the UK, the United States uses a more ad hoc system of measurement. If you want to convert a pint measurement to ounces, you can use the following table to get an idea on how: 

Pints to Ounces: 

  • 2 pints = 32 oz.
  • 3 pints = 48 oz.
  • 4 pints = 64 oz.
  • 5 pints = 80 oz.
  • 6 pints = 96 oz.
  • 7 pints = 112 oz. 
  • 8 pints = 128 oz. 
  • 9 pints = 144 oz. 
  • 10 pints = 160 oz. 

Wet Vs Dry Pint

A liquid pint is a more common form of measurement, but there are times you need to measure a dry pint. For example, when you measure a pint of blueberries, it will weigh quite a bit more than a pint of copper pennies on a standard kitchen scale. Dry pint measurements are a completely different concept from a volume measurement like a liquid pint. Since wet and dry dimensions are different, there are no precise measurements for converting one to the other. 

If we are measuring a pint of dry ingredients, one dry pint is equal to 16 ounces, whereas a pint of liquid is equal to 20 ounces. A pint varies in measurement between wet and dry goods due to density. Density is key in distinguishing the volume measurements. It’s common knowledge that liquids are less dense than solids, and hence require a greater volume. Because of this, pint values can differ depending on the ingredient used. Whether you’re working with liquid or dry components, it can be important to keep in mind that there are two cups in a pint and four cups in a quart.

Fluid Ounces (Fl Oz) Vs Dry Ounces

Just as a pint value differs for wet and dry ingredients so do wet and dry ounces differ from each other. To help clarify things, imagine a pound of blueberries. While 16 dry ounces may equal a pint, a pint of blueberries only weighs roughly 12 ounces. The volume fills the container in a way that’s distinct from what would happen if the container were filled with a liquid that completely filled the volume. Depending on the type of pint container or ounce container, the values for ounces and pints can differ. If you are working with dry ingredients, here is a set of conversions you can use:

  • 50 oz = 2.68 pints
  • 20 oz = 1.07 pints
  • 10 oz = .53 pints
  • 1 oz = .05 pints


Ounces and pints are the main values used for measuring liquids. When measuring volume, one pint is equivalent to 16 ounces. Thus, there are eight ounces in half a pint, and four ounces in a quarter pint. This is an important ratio to remember when converting ounces to pints. To convert a specific amount of liquid, simply divide the number of ounces by 16. 

For example: 32 liquid ounces divided by 16 = 2 pints

As a general rule of thumb, 1 ounce is approximately 0.06 pint. Thus 4 ounces is approximately 0.24 pint and 8 ounces is approximately 0.48 pint. Understanding how to convert between ounces and pints may be tricky at first but it is helpful in the end and can be great to have when working on converting a recipe.  


How many ounces are in a pint?

A1: There are 16 ounces in a pint.

Q2: What is a pint used for?

A2: A pint is often used for measuring liquids like milk, water, or beer.

Q3: Is a pint bigger than a cup?

A3: Yes, a pint is bigger than a cup. A pint is 2 times larger than a cup.

Q4: Can you give an example of a pint?

A4: Sure! A pint is like the amount of milk you might pour on your cereal in the morning.

Q5: Is a pint the same everywhere?

A5: In the United States, a pint is 16 ounces. But in some other places, it might be a little different. It’s good to check for the local measurements if you’re not sure.

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how many ounces in a pint

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