Nachos is originally made with tortillas, cheese and pickled jalapenos and nothing else. It was thought of as a snack and is of course not particularly saturating or nutritious.  However, there are also many dishes that complement with nachos, those are for example, chicken or minced meat and beans, thus making the “snack” a main course.

A little history of Nachos


The first time Nachos was served was in 1943 in the town of Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico – just above the border of Eagle Pass, Texas.

The wives of some American soldiers stationed at Fort Duncan in the nearby Eagle Pass were on a shopping trip in Piedras Negras. They arrived at the city’s restaurant after the closure of the kitchen. The hotel’s service-minded butler, Ignacio “Nacho” Anaya made a small snack for them of what he had available in the kitchen – tortillas, cheddar cheese and pickled jalapenos.

He then formed them in triangles and fried. Afterwards, he sprinkled grated cheddar cheese and poured pickled jalapenos into each slices and put on top of it. He then served it to the ladies. When they asked him what the snack was, he answered “Nacho’s especiales”. Over time, it became “nachos”.

Nachos recipe

In here you can get the recipe for the special nachos. To shorten the time in preparing the dish, we have chosen to use tortilla chips instead of making them ourselves.


Servings: Good for 4 people max.

  • 400 g tortilla chips
  • 400 g cheddar cheese – do not go under the desired weight
  • 1-2 red chili peppers – I use it instead of pickled jalapenos

How to make nachos

  1. Turn on the oven at 200 ° C.
  2. Distribute tortilla chips on four large plates that can withstand the heat of the oven. Spread them out evenly. Do not make the layer too thick.
  3. Distribute grated cheddar cheese over all four portions.
  4. Put the four plates in the oven until the cheese is melted – it takes about 5 minutes time.
  5. Sprinkle with chili peppers – or with pickled jalapenos in rings.

Can be served immediately, but be careful not to burn your fingers both on the dish and on the hot plates.

Tip: It’s both cheaper and better to buy a whole piece of cheddar cheese and grate it yourself than to buy already grated cheddar cheese. It does not take much longer to grate it yourself and also the result is far softer and fresher cheese than the other one.

You can also sprinkle slices of olives on nachos – or sun-dried tomatoes.

I you want to dipped them, you can serve guacamole, salsa verde, a garlic and chili sauce – hot or sweet – or just a few of them.

If you serve nachos with chicken breast fillet in slices, it will also taste good with lime and coriander.

You can of course also just eat them as snacks or as we do in here, as an intermediate thing or an appetizer and accessories for Chili con Carne.




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