What to serve with clam chowder?

What to serve with clam chowder – Clam chowder is as iconic a meal from New England as lobster roll and baked beans. You don’t have to be a New Englander or passing through to enjoy a fine bowl of clam chowder. It is a winter classic but, for soup lovers, an enjoyable meal all year long. A bowl of clam chowder may seem sufficient by itself, but clam chowder goes great with a variety of dishes. We offer some advice on what to serve with clam chowder.

What is clam chowder?

Clam chowder is a dish that has been served in the New England area since the 1700s. There are variations in the clam chowder recipe, but at the core of any clam chowder are clams, potatoes, and onions. New England clam chowder includes milk or cream as well as salt pork to produce the creamy concoction associated with the New England area. Manhattan clam chowder features a tomato base instead of cream and includes carrots, celery, and garlic. There are other, regional chowder variations throughout the US that feature local ingredients and distinctions, all of which feature around clams, which impart a distinct saltiness as well as a seafood flavor.

What to serve with clam chowder

Although there are variations on the actual clam chowder dish, there are many foods that go well with any and all of the variations. One of the classic combinations with clam chowder is oyster crackers, which have a dry and starchy flavor that goes surprisingly well with the creamy or sour base of clam chowder. Other crackers, like saltines, or crusty bread have a similar flavor that helps to provide a nice crunchy texture on which to distribute the richness of the soup. If you like regional specialties to complement your chowder, cornbread or biscuits are excellent options that go well for dipping into soup. Whether you like New England or Manhattan chowder, seafood is another interesting addition to the meal. There’s no better thing to pair with a New England classic than a lobster roll, which features the sweetness of the roll and the sweetness of lobster and butter with the salty and savory flavor of chowder. If you like straight seafood, crabcakes or shrimp cocktail also go well, as do roasted fish or fish tacos.

If you like lighter fare with your soup, especially if it’s Manhattan clam chowder, there are a variety of vegetable sides you can try. Corn on the cob or French fries provides a nice starchy complement to enhance the flavors of chowder. You can also try a variety of salads, with escarole, endive, onion, pepper, carrot, being central ingredients to bring out the flavors of clam chowder. If you’re looking for something exotic, try adding some fruit to your salad, such as orange slices or cranberries, with the sweetness adding another dimension to your meal.

Clam chowder a classic dish

Clam chowder is a classic dish that seems to not need any adjustments, but there are a variety of dishes that are essential elements to bringing out the flavors that make this dish a classic. The next time you’re enjoying this class and want to know what to serve with clam chowder, try some of the above recommendations to make this New England tradition yours as well.

Suggestions to what to serve with clam chowder

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what to serve with clam chowder

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