What vegetables to serve with chateaubriand steak?

what vegetables to serve with chateaubriand steak

What vegetables to serve with chateaubriand steak? If you haven’t tried chateaubriand steak, then you really missed out on a good meal. Well, that is probably why you came to this article as you want to make chateaubriand 🙂 Perfectly capturing a steak’s juiciness, it is an exquisite recipe for a well-cooked steak. Chateaubriand steak isn’t a stand-alone dish, however. In order to make your meal unforgettable, you need to have the right side dishes, and vegetables play an important part. When it comes to what vegetables to serve with chateaubriand steak, there are several options to help complete the perfect dish.

What is a chateaubriand steak

The chateaubriand steak is a relatively recent but still storied addition to French cuisine. Developed in the early 1800s, the chateaubriand is less a specific cut of meat than a preparation style. Made with either sirloin, tenderloin, or filet mignon, the dish was originally prepared by wrapping the desired cut of meat in fewer cuts of meat, charring these cuts of meat, and then discarding them. This method helps to evenly cook the steak and keep it as moist as possible without generating any grill marks or crispness that arise from other preparation styles.

Since this is a rather decadent and wasteful way of cooking meat, a chateaubriand steak is often basted in butter to help retain its moisture while cooking it evenly and without charring it. As is traditional, a chateaubriand steak is usually served with chateau potatoes, potatoes paired down to a small size and sauteed in butter, and topped with a bearnaise sauce, which is a combination of butter, egg yolks, and vinegar mixed in.

What vegetables to serve with chateaubriand steak?

If you haven’t already realized it, a chateaubriand steak is a very rich meal. It’s a great meal for a special occasion, party, or even a wonderful excuse to prepare on a cold winter’s day. It’s definitely something that you would want to have vegetables with to complement the dish and mellow the richness. A variety of vegetable combinations fit this description. If you like sweeter sides with your chateaubriand steak, stewed tomatoes, or steamed peas and carrots with apple cider vinegar and dill provide a sweet balance with acidity that helps to cut down on the heaviness of the steak. If you like green vegetables, try roasted brussel sprouts, broccoli, or cauliflower with garlic, pepper, and thyme, as the fiber and pungency of the vegetables with the piquancy of the pepper and garlic provide a nice contrast to the richness of the steak and potatoes.

Steamed vegetables are also great complementary dishes

You can also try steamed or roasted green beans, kale, or asparagus which provide excellent flavors to complement the dish. Roasted or mashed turnips or squash provide an excellent addition, with turnips providing a subtle spiciness and squash, especially winter squash, providing a nice sweetness. If you like extra creaminess with your vegetables, you can try stewed spinach or cabbage in a cream sauce. An option that never fails is a fresh salad with romaine or radicchio, red onion, olives, bell pepper, radish, and sliced carrots with a red wine vinaigrette. If you have a culinary bucket list, hopefully, you have chateaubriand steak on it. It is an excellent, hearty dish that exquisitely captures the flavors of juicy steak with a delicious bearnaise sauce and crispy potatoes. Just as important to the meal are the vegetables that go with it. From sauteed to roasted and fresh, vegetables such as broccoli, green beans, squash, and asparagus make an excellent combination, as does well-prepared options. For what vegetables to serve with chateaubriand steak, just about every option will make this meal even more delicious.

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