Dyrlægens natmad – The Veterinarian’s Night Snack

Dyrlægens natmad is almost as ethnic Danish as you can get it. Dyrlægens natmad directly translates to the Veterinarian’s night snack or food. It belongs to the Smørrebrød tradition in Denmark. Smørrebrød is an open-faced sandwich where you almost always use rugbrød, the traditional Danish dark rye bread. And then it consists of the traditional Danish liver paté leverpostej, salted sliced veal known as saltkød, and topped with red onion rings and small cubes of the Danish variant of meat stock aspic: sky.

dyrlægens natmad

Dyrlægens natmad recipe

5 minutes
Course Lunch
Cuisine Danish
Servings 1 Person


  • 1 slice Rugbrød – dark rye bread
  • Spiced fat
  • Butter
  • 100 g Danish leverpostej – liver pate
  • 2-3 slices of saltkød – sliced salty veal
  • 1 red onion
  • Sky – Meat stock aspic


  • Butter one half of the bread lengthwise with seasoning fat and the other half with butter.
  • Put one or two thick slices of liver pate or several thin ones on top.
  • Spread slices of salted meat on top of liver pate – bend them if necessary. a little together.
  • Come sky – aspic – on, and decorate if necessary. with onion rings, cress, tomatoes.

Why is it called the veterinarian’s night snack – dyrlægens natmad?

The smørrebrøds’ sandwich has changed over time. It was a veterinarian named Sigurd Keilgaard who originally invented the composition. He came every night to the famous Danish chef Oskar Davidsen’s restaurant after taking care of the horses in the royal stables and was served this specific piece of open sandwich.

Back then, it consisted of a piece of rye bread smeared lengthwise with first a strip of butter, then a strip of liver pate, and finally a strip of seasoning fat. Then a thick slice of power cloud was laid. In addition, thin slices of salted meat were spread, which covered the whole loaf.

Everything else – onion rings, greens, etc. – came later.

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dyrlægens natmad

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