Jollibee Inspired Ube Pie Recipe

Jollibee Inspired Ube Pie – there are many popular items on the Jollibee menu. If you are unfamiliar with Jollibee it is a fast-food chain originating from the Philippines and competes with Mcdonald’s. Among their menu items, a popular dessert choice is the pie pockets. Mainly, the peach mango pie and ube pie. Ube is a highly popular sweets flavoring in the Philippines. With the Jollibee ube pie, it is basically a pie pocket with thick ube jam filling. An interesting thing about the Jollibee ube pie is that there is a way to make a version of it at home. While the fast-food dessert cannot be perfectly replicated, this Jollibee inspired ube pie recipe

jollibee inspired ube pie

Jollibee Inspired Ube Pie

A similar take to the fried, ube jam filled, pie pocket dessert from Jollibee
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine Filipino
Servings 6 pieces


  • 1 package premade puff pastry 2 sheets
  • 1 pc large egg
  • 2 tbsp milk
  • 16 oz ube halaya/jam


Ingredients Prep Process

  • If you have placed your premade pastry in the fridge/freezer, make sure to thaw it first to make it easier to work with.
  • During the thawing process, you can line a baking pan or cookie sheet with parchment paper and set it aside for later.
  • Once the pastry is ready to be used, gently roll out the 2 sheets onto a lightly floured surface and cut six rectangles on each sheet. Make sure that the rectangles are about the same size for an even bake.
  • For the egg wash that will act as your glue and topping, add 1 large egg with 2 tbsp milk into a small bowl and beat them together until they're fully incorporated.

Pie Making Process

  • Place 6 of the rectangle pastries pieces onto the baking pan and space them evenly.
  • Brush the edges of each rectangle with egg wash then scoop 4-5 tbsp of ube halaya/jam into the middle.
  • Top each rectangle with the remaining pastry rectangles then crimp and seal the edges of the pie using a fork.
  • Slice 2-3 cuts on top of the pies to allow air to escape during the baking process.
  • Brush the pies with the remaining egg wash.
  • Chill the pies in your freezer for about an hour or so and preheat the oven to 375F/190C during that process.
  • Once the pies are chilled, bake them for 30 minutes or until golden brown.
  • At the 15 minute mark, you'll want to rotate the pan for an even baking/ to make sure the entire pie is golden brown.
  • Take the pan out and let the pies cool before transferring them to a plate and serving them.


  • To increase the flavor depth of the pie, try using a premade puff pastry with butter. 
  • If you end up with different-sized rectangles by accident, you can either time the edges to match or reroll the pastry if you have the chance. 
  • If you have ube jam/halaya stored in the fridge, make sure to thaw for 30 minutes or before the preparation process for easy spreading. 

Other ways to Enjoy Ube Pie

Depending on the type of puff pastry you use and the jam applied, you can also look into deep frying the pie pockets to mimic the fast-food dessert. You can also add more flavoring into the pie by adding cheese on top of the jam as an experiment along with other fillings to pair with ube. Ube pie is also not limited to just these ube pockets. You can also have ube pie consisting of a crisp pie crust and an ube filling with whipped cream on top. You’ll find that there are plenty of ways to enjoy ube in pastry.

We offer a variety of ube desserts you can try yourself such as our “Ube Butter Mochi Recipe” and “Ube Ensaymada Recipe.”

jollibee inspired ube pie

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