Here you get our recipes starting with A or B.

Recipes starting with A

Agurkesalat – This recipe on agurkesalat is a traditional danish recipe for cucumber salad. Agurkesalat is made with thinly sliced cucumber, sugar, and vinegar. Agurkesalat or Danish cucumber salad is often served as toppings for smørrebrød – danish open-faced sandwiches on dark rye bread.

Apple pork – This recipe is a danish recipe that is originally named æbleflæsk. Apple pork is a direct translation of æbleflæsk and it is normally served during holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Recipes starting with B

Bagna Cauda – This recipe on bagna cauda origins from the Italian Piedmont region. Bagna cauda is a local Italian dip made out of anchovies, garlic, butter, and olive oil. It is as Italian as it can be. Se the recipe on bagna cauda here.

Bastogne Cookies – Bastogne Cookies or Bastogne Biscuits are from Belgium and more precisely Bastogne. You can Bastogne cookies or you can make them yourself. It is not the exact same thing but it is close and the sensation is, in my opinion, the same. Here is our recipe for Bastogne Cookies.

Beyti Kebab – This recipe origins from Turkey but is inspired by Swiss butchers way of preparing kebab. Beyti Kebab is named after a super popular Istanbul restaurant named Beyti Güler. You can find the recipe on Beyti kebab here.

Biksemad – This recipe origins from Denmark and have a cousin in Sweden named Pytt i Panna. Biksemad is a mix of leftovers when there are a lot of pork and potatoes leftovers. Here you get the Danish recipe on Biksemad.

Biryani – This recipe origins from the Middle East or India. It is a nice mix of rice, chicken, onion, chili peppers and lots of spices. You can see the recipe here on biryani with Chicken.

Brunede Kartofler – This is a Danish recipe for caramelized potatoes. Directly translated brunede kartofler means brown or browned potatoes. Brunede kartofler is made out of small fresh potatoes and caramelized and they taste so good. Served mostly during holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Brunkager – This is a Danish pastry that directly translated means brown cakes or cookies. They are small brown cookies, so guess that is the best translation even though Cakes is a more literal translation. Brunkager is normally served during Christmas and belong to the Danish Christmas pastry tradition.

Brændende kærlighed – Directly translated from Danish this recipe’s name is Burning Love. Brændende kærlighed or burning love is made out of mashed potatoes with bacon and onions. See the recipe on brændende kærlighed here.

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