How many shots are in a pint? – Number of shots in a pint

How many shots are in a pint is a question that many beer drinkers often want to know about. There are three shots in every pint of craft beer, but if you’re having one pint for lunch, it’s probably just one. There are 10.67 shots in a U.S. liquid pint. Beer is a liquid, as standard “beer-sized” bottles measure 22 ounces (660 milliliters). This is the final guide to beer, shot by shot. Our experts have researched how many shots are in a pint, and this guide provides you with all of the information to do the same.

How many shots are in a pint
How many shots are in a pint?

 Pint Size, What Is It?

If you have pints in your refrigerator that need measuring, there are different ways to do so. It’s important to know the difference between the two. There are two different kinds of pints. One kind is the size of a bottle, and the other kind is the size of a glass. When we’re done we’ll calculate how many gallons are in a liquor bottle. Pint-size liquor bottles contain 12.7 ounces. 

Liquor stores usually sell this size bottle and quarts and pints. A quart is 1 liter or 4 fluid ounces, and a pint is 1.5 liters or 5 fluid ounces. U.S. cups are typically made of glass, and a typical U.S. pint is 16 ounces. A standard shot glass holds approximately 1.5 ounces of liquor. Measurements will differ depending on the location, so check your measurements before you start. There is no standard rules and regulations for the measurement of drinks, so they are different in every country or region. In the U.K., a standard pint glass holds 20 ounces (or 568 ml), much more than a standard pint glass in the USA. Pint glasses hold 1.5 ounces, so when you have a 16-ounce bottle of beer. According to the measurement standards of U.S., there are about 10.6 shots in a pint.

How Many Shots in a Pint of Liquor?

A U.S. liquid pint contains 10.67 shots, but the size of a liquid pint bottle can vary depending on the type of liquid. The standard U.S. shot glass holds 1.5 ounces of liquid and the standard US pint is 16 ounces of liquid. In the U.S., a pint of liquor or beer bottle is the equivalent of 12 ounces (375 milliliters). So, when we divide 12 by 1.5, we get 8 shots in a pint of beer or liquor. It’s possible to use this formula to calculate the number of shots in a pint for other countries, too.

Liquor Shots-per Bottle

The standard-size of a bottle of wine holds 750 milliliters of distilled spirits. A shot glass holds 1.5 ounces (45 ml) of liquor. All bottles of liquor come in different sizes. According to the above-mentioned table, there is a direct relationship between the number of drinks and the number of shots in every bottle.

BottleSize1.5 oz Shots per Bottle1 oz. shots per bottle2 oz. shots per bottle
Rehoboam4.5 liters (152.1 ounces)101 Shots152 shots76 shots
Jeroboam3 liters (101.4 ounces)67 Shots100 shots50 shots
Handle1.75 liters (59.15 ounces)40 shots60 shots30 shots
Magnum1.5 liters (50.7 ounces)33 Shots49 shots25 shots
Liter1 liter (33.8 ounces)22 shots33 shots16 shots
Standard Bottle (Fifth)750 milliliters (25.4 ounces)16 shots25 shots12 shots
Pint473 milliliters (16 ounces)10.6 shots16 shots8 shots
Half Pint200 milliliters (6.8 ounces)4 shots6 shots3 shots
Quarter Pint100 milliliters (3.4 ounces)2 shots3 shots1.7 shots
Miniature (Nip or Mini)50 milliliters (1.7 ounces)1 shot1.7 shots0.5 shots

How Many Shots Are in a Half Pint?

A 1/2-pint-sized bottle contains approximately 4 shots with 1.5 oz. In the United States, a half-pint-sized liquor bottle is 6.8 oz.

How many shots are in a pint?

A pint is a unit of volume or capacity according to the imperial and United States customary measurement systems. Most nations use the metric system and do not use the pint as a unit of measure. It varies from country to country. It’s vital to get a handle on what kind of pint you’re being asked for. A “pint” is a British imperial unit equal to one-and-a-half quarts. A standard pint glass holds 16 ounces of liquid, when filled to the brim. Whereas a “pint-sized” liquor bottle holds 12 oz. In many cultures, drinking is measured differently. When drinking in France, the bottle holds 1. Therefore, the definition of a pint varies significantly in different countries. Pints of beer may vary widely by country. In most places, the American standard is 10.5 ounces.

Shot Glass Sizes around the World

In this case, there is no rule for using a shot glass. It varies from one country to another. It can scop from 0.68 oz (Germany) to 2 ounces (Japan) per serving.

Table of shot glass sizes around the world:

CountriesShot SizeShots-per US liquid pint
UK, South Africa0.84 ounces19 shots
Denmark and Germany0.68 ounces23.5 shots
Australia, India, and South Africa1.01  ounces16 shots
Finland, Hungary, Poland and Sweden1.35 ounces11.85 shots
Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, and Russia1.69 ounces9.46 shots
Japan, Israel, and Italy2.02 ounces7.92 shots
CountriesShot SizeShots-per US liquid pint
UK, South Africa0.84 ounces19 shots

How Many Shots Are In 1 Pint Of Vodka?

It’s difficult to estimate how many shots you’ll get out of a pint. Where you are and the size of the pint glass may have a greater impact than anything else. According to the U.S. Government, you will have 10.6 shots from a pint glass of vodka in the United States. If you’re going to drink a pint in the UK, you should get 18.9 shots of it because the measurement of a pint glass is much larger there. In Italy, one pint of vodka is equivalent to 11.8 shots. Measurements are taken from pint glasses. The number of shots in a pint-sized bottle of vodka is about 8.

Is A Pint The Same As A Shot?

No. A shot holds just 1.5 oz of liquor whereas a pint bottle is equal to 12.7 ounces. A pint glass can hold 16 ounces. The size of a pint will vary from place to place. It can range from a liter to a quart or quart-and-a-half.

How Many Drinks Is A Pint Of Vodka?

A pint of vodka contains roughly 10.6 shots, so if you are drinking doubles you’ll need 4 or 5 drinks to have consumed a pint of vodka.


That’s what we’ve been talking about all along. Hopefully, that’s helped you understand the contents of alcoholic beverages and the differences in sizes and percentages, and why some liquids will get you drunker, by drinking a smaller amount. You can use these numbers to figure out how much booze you are going to need at your party. If it’s a beer night, this is a great reference for what you can buy at the local liquor store. The main thing to remember when it comes to drinking alcohol is to drink responsibly, and if you have any doubt, don’t drink!

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