Soft boiled egg

Soft boiled eggs – Everyone can cook an egg! Well, maybe, but I know everyone has also tried to cook an egg that should have been cooked as soft-boiled, but ended up being raw or hard-boiled. Hence, the question is, how long does it takes for a soft boiled egg to boil to make it perfect?

Here is the fast version of soft boiled egg on video.

You really need nothing but watching this video recipe:

Voila you have a soft boiled egg.

Soft boiled egg vs mid-boiled eggs

Some mistakenly believe that soft-boiled eggs and mid-boiled are the same. So let’s find out that a hard-boiled egg is an egg that has boiled so long that white and yolk are solid. A mid-boiled egg is an egg that has boiled so long that white and the outermost of the yolk is stuck, but the interior is still soft. A soft boiled egg is an egg that has boiled for as long as the white is firm, but the yolk is soft.

Soft boiled egg

There is a formula

I do not think you should cook eggs for rocket science. But I’ve actually seen a formula for calculating cooking time on eggs, because it’s going to be absolutely perfect and correct. It’s both about the size of the egg, the temperature of the egg, and the number of eggs you come to boil in the hot water – and well yes of course, if it’s going to be soft-boiled, mid-boil or hard-boiled. In here, we’re concentrating on the soft-boiled egg.

The formula was far too hard to remember. It was something with the perimeter of the egg divided by pi raised in other potency multiplied by 0.15 and something with the temperature of the water minus the egg’s temperature multiplied by two – etc. Thus, before I had calculated the correct cooking time, the egg would have been bad.

Soft boiled eggs – cooking time

But of course it’s about the size of the egg. A small egg must have a shorter time than a large one. If you buy eggs in grocery stores, there is a size on the tray – S, M, L and XL. If you get the egg in boiling water, they should be boiled accordingly:

  • A small egg (S) should have 4-4½ minutes
  • A medium-sized egg (M) must have 4½-5 minutes
  • A large egg (L) must have 5-5½ minutes
  • An extra-large egg (XL) should have 5½-6 minutes

Eggs at room temperature are best

It also depends on the temperature of the egg. It takes longer if you have just taken the egg out of the refrigerator. A raw egg need not be stored at minimum of +5°C – as in the refrigerator. It should only be stored at max. 12 ° C.

If you have a refrigerator-cold egg in boiling water, there is a great risk that the shell will crack. Therefore, take the egg out of the refrigerator 10-15 minutes before boiling. If you forget to take the egg, you can also dip the wide end of the egg in lukewarm water before you get it in the boiling water. It reduces the risk.

Amount of water

It does not depend on the amount of water. No matter how little or how much water you cook your eggs, it does not affect the cooking time. You can cook eggs in ½ dl water, or you can completely cover them. If you cook ½ dl, remember to get a tight lid on the pan so that it wouldn’t evaporate easily.

Once the egg has boiled for the specified number of minutes, pour the boiling water immediately and the egg should be rinsed under cold water to stop the heating process inside the egg immediately.

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 4 minutes

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Soft boiled egg

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  1. Thank you for this blog post! Having just cooked eggs for breakfast and been disappointed because they weren’t soft boiled I decided to search the internet. My thoughts were egg size must influence length of cooking time but it’s amazing that nobody seems to take it into consideration. You have provided the information I wanted! So thank you, I’m going to make a note of sizes and times and next time it feels like an egg breakfast day I shall reference them!

  2. Eggs also come as jumbo… way more ad cost less… why do you ignore them for this article?

    1. Hi Chas,

      In reality, jumbo eggs are a legitimate product available in the market, and they can offer value for certain consumers who prefer larger-sized eggs or have specific cooking needs. However, it’s essential to recognize that different articles serve different purposes and might not cover every aspect or variation of a subject. : )

      Best Regards

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