Ube Turon Recipe

Ube turon – otherwise known as purple yam spring rolls. Purple yam spring rolls are a variation of the Filipino snack turon, which brings a set twist to the usually savory dish that is spring rolls. With ube turon, you basically have an ube filling added inside. A regular turon generally involves a sweet crisp spring roll wrap drizzled with melted sugar and stuffed with roasted bananas. The sweet treat, however, can come with different fillings. Ube just happens to be one of the more popular flavors among snacks and desserts. Making this dish is a relatively simple process, and there are different ways you can go about adding ube flavoring to turon. This recipe is just one way to make this snack:

ube turon

Ube Turon

A sweet crispy spring roll stuff with ube and bananas, drizzled with a sweet sauce on top.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Course Snack
Cuisine Filipino
Servings 5 pieces


  • 5 pieces lumpia wrapper
  • 3 tablespoons ube halaya jam
  • 3 bananas (saba variety), sliced lengthwise (optional)


  • Apply the lumpia wrapper/spring roll wrapper onto a clean surface and spread 1/2 tablespoon ube halaya jam
  • Place the sliced saba bananas on the bottom third of the lumpia wrapper.
  • Fold each side to enclose the filling then roll and seal the end by applying water.
  • Heat up a pan of oil and while it is heating up, repeat the rolling process until all ingredients are used.
  • Deep-fry the rolls until they are completely golden brown then let them rest on some paper towels on a plate.
  • During the draining process, you can drizzle some melted sugar on top and serve once the rolls are drained and cooled.

What Else to Know About Ube Turon

Another name for turon is lumpiang saving and it is believed that the snack came to be around during the time there was a presence of Chinese culture in the Philippines prior to being colonized by Spain beginning in 1521. The ube stuffed turon is one among many variations of the fried snack. Other fruit options you can try out include jackfruit, mango, and coconut. If you want to try for a mix of sweet and savory, you can experiment with the addition of cheese in the filling or go for sweet potato as an alternative. There is no specification on how the different flavors came to be but you’re sure to have a fun experience with the different turon options.

You’ll usually find this snack sold on street stalls along with banana cue, camote cue, and maruya. What all these have in common is that they make use of the saba banana. Saba banana is a triploid hybrid banana cultivar you mainly find in the Philippines. They are mostly used in cooking but can also be eaten raw. They can be, however, also available in Asian markets if you are interested in tasting them. Among the different flavors, you can try turon, having it with ube is a great starter for beginners.

Try out even more ube flavored desserts with our “Ube Leche Flan Recipe” and “Ube Brownies Recipe.” You can also test other desserts featuring bananas like “Minatamis na Saging.”

ube turon

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