What Drinks Can You Serve To Guests After Lunch?

Many people overlook the importance of drink selection during meals, but it is still a crucial aspect of enjoying a meal that can influence the flavor of the food. According to etiquette, the exact order of beverages is known, as is which one goes with which food and how much should be consumed. In this way, in addition to the impression of a true hedonist, you can also leave the impression of professionalism, which is always appreciated. When it comes to aperitifs and digestifs, these two beverages are quite crucial during meals. An aperitif is consumed before a meal, whereas a digestif is consumed afterward.

Thus, here is a list of drinks that you can serve to guests after lunch!


Drinks that are provided after a meal are known as “digestifs.” The term digestif derives from the French word digestif, which means an instrument for digestion. Their goal, or function, is to help us digest food more easily. These beverages should be sweet, unlike aperitifs, which are harsh. 

The common orders are alcoholic ones. After a hearty lunch, though, many people choose vodka or tequila. Whiskey is, without a doubt, highly popular. Bitter herbs, as well as lemon or orange liqueur, are also commonly served. Beer, as well as sweet wines, is increasingly popular among the youth. However, did you know that health experts are increasingly warning that alcoholic beverages are not recommended after a meal due to the health risks they can pose? Instead, it is always a better idea to choose a less intense drink such as juice or coffee.


Coffee is a common after-lunch drink, and it is also regarded as a digestif, whether it is owing to family custom, culture, or the desire to shake off the tiredness that follows a large meal. Not only can a cup of coffee keep you from snacking or overeating, but the caffeine in coffee also stimulates your digestive tract, which helps with digestion. Coffee beverages for after lunch or dinner come in a variety of flavors, from espresso shots to many other types. According to many, espresso is one of the best kinds of coffee to drink after a meal. People are frequently shocked to learn that espresso has less caffeine than a regular cup of drip coffee.

Likewise, after a meal, we recommend avoiding coffee beverages with a lot of milk or sugar. Milk and cream are very heavy and may contribute to your sluggishness. Instead, we recommend some of the instant coffee brands because these are increasingly becoming popular to drink after lunch. Moreover, considering all the benefits of coffee after lunch, it is evident that coffee is an excellent drink that you can offer your guest after a good meal. On top of that, a cup of coffee is also a great opportunity to catch up on all that has happened over the day!

Citrus drinks

Citrus drinks are known to be great digestion boosters. This is because of their acidity, which helps your stomach acid dissolve the food. To that end, after lunch, a great drink that you can offer your guests is a citrus-based drink. Among the most common ones, however, is lemonade. Nonetheless, if you consider lemonade a cliché, then you can try adding carbonated water and some other citrus fruit. For instance, cranberry and pomegranate juices are also rather sour, making them great for balancing the food after lunch and their sour taste.


Apart from a good cup of coffee, punch with pears and roses will definitely amaze your guests. This winter punch has a subtle flavor thanks to a delicate combination of pear, apple, and rose. Also, for a genuine wow element, decorate your punch bowl with vivid redcurrants. 

On the other hand, a smoothie made with frozen blackberries can also come as a refreshment and joy after lunch. Take advantage of the super delicious taste of frozen fruits. This type of drink is also perfect for parties as well as more serious meetings. When mixed with banana, ginger, and pomegranate juice, it is a certainty that your guests will enjoy it! 

Conversely, for a more sparkling-like personality, you may also serve a spritz with cherries. Cherry spritz is yet another refreshing mocktail that will come as a refreshing change with undertones of sage and orange. For a light and delightful cocktail, combine it with sparkling grape juice or cranberries.

A guest should always be a special person to you, and so he or she should be served a special drink. Hence, make sure you surprise your guest with a good drink the next time they come to you!

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