What vegetables go with Swedish meatballs?

What vegetables go with Swedish meatballs – Are you a fan of IKEA as much for the furniture as for the Swedish meatballs? Have you ever desired a healthy, vegetable complement to your IKEA meat treat, or have you ever thought of making Swedish meatballs at home while wondering what vegetables go with Swedish meatballs? As delicious as Swedish meatballs are, there are a variety of vegetables and preparation methods to help you create the perfect meal.

Swedish Meatballs

Although Swedish meatballs are considered an iconic dish of both IKEA and Sweden, their origins are a little more diverse than anticipated. Swedish meatballs are considered to have originated in Turkey and were introduced to Sweden in the 1700s with a recipe obtained by King Charles XII. Regardless of how meatballs arrived in Sweden, they are now considered a national symbol. Of course, as with any national food, especially one that has found its way into nearly every Swedish home, there are many variations in the dish. Whether to use grated onion, how much pork to include, how many bread crumbs, and what type of sauce to use are all based on personal traditions and preferences. Traditionally, many people don’t consider a dish of Swedish meatballs to be complete without Lingonberry sauce.

Traditional Sides

What if you like some sides with your meatballs? Fortunately, as well-honed as the dish is, there are a variety of side dishes that complement a meal with Swedish meatballs. Since Swedish meatballs can be considered a heavier dish, depending on the fat content and if you make a sauce using the drippings, other rich dishes are a nice complement for a hearty meal. Egg noodles in cream sauce provide a nice pairing with the heartiness of Swedish meatballs, as do mashed potatoes (with or without butter or cream). If you like lighter sides with your Swedish meatballs, roasted potatoes with herbs, or a rice pilaf balance well with the flavors and richness of the meatballs and sauce. If you go over the border from Sweden to Denmark they will certainly serve the Swedish meatballs with agurkesalat – danish cucumber salad.

Vegetable Side Dishes

What if I like my Swedish meatballs as more of an appetizer? What vegetables go with Swedish meatballs? Fortunately, given the traditional size of Swedish meatballs, they are a great dish as an appetizer and pair well with an assortment of vegetables. Since Swedish meatballs are traditionally made with sweeter spices, such as nutmeg, ginger, and cinnamon, they pair well with vegetables that are at the more bitter end of the spectrum. Roasted asparagus, green beans, or broccoli are great vegetables to pair with Swedish meatballs, especially if you serve them with a lingonberry or cranberry sauce. If you’re not a fan of green vegetables, cauliflower, and turnips, either roasted, steamed, or mashed, provide a sharp contrast that goes well with meatballs.

Vegetables, Swedish Meatballs and the sauce

Many people like to enhance the sweetness of Swedish meatballs and the accompanying sauce. When serving vegetables, they like to serve glazed carrots or roasted onions which provide a sweetness of their own. If you like sour flavors, red cabbage and apple or quick-pickled cucumbers provide an excellent tang that not only makes the flavors of the meatballs stand out but helps to balance the fat content of the meatballs. If you like fresh vegetables, a garden salad with romaine and arugula or a tossed salad that includes shredded carrot, onion, peppers, and tomatoes provide a fresh, rich, and clean taste that makes the flavors of Swedish meatballs standout. Really, if you like vegetables and cook them right, there really isn’t anything that doesn’t pair well with Swedish meatballs! Swedish meatballs are a culinary delicacy that has managed to transcend the boundaries of Sweden and the food courts of IKEA. Thanks to their unique seasoning, rich gravy, delicious berry sauce, and easy-to-eat size, Swedish meatballs are popular and easy to prepare a dish. If you’re looking for a healthy addition to your next meal of Swedish meatballs, or even if you wish to diversify and enhance the flavors of your meal, there are a variety of vegetables that you can serve fresh, steamed, or roasted. When it comes to what vegetables go with Swedish meatballs, there are so many options that it’s hard to choose! Next time you enjoy a dish of Swedish meatballs, make sure to try some of the vegetable dishes listed above to make your meal as memorable as a trip to IKEA.

What vegetables go with Swedish meatballs

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