If you have apples, tart apples, or any apples, you can make this easy apple jam. This small-batch Apple Jam recipe makes an impressive jam, and it takes just minutes to prepare.

Apple Jam recipe

I think you should try to make green apple jam. This is the perfect Apple Jam for anyone who likes a combination of sweet and sour flavors. You can also play around with spices the way you like. The significant thing about tart apples is that they are rich in pectin and set quickly. Most apple pies contain apples that are very sweet because it is believed that more sugar makes them softer and juicier. Because of the high sugar content and vitamin C, apples produce a higher yield than the other two kinds of fruits that have been used for making jams.


We need just 4 ingredients which are necessary for the apple jam recipe:

Apple: There’s nothing like the fresh taste of an apple. Use the right apples, and don’t over-ripen them, and you’ll have the best-tasting apples. I wouldn’t recommend using only Granny Smith or Pink Lady apples, but instead a blend of them for the best taste.

The best characteristic of green apples is that they have lots of pectins and can easily be set in a jam without needing any artificial pectin. There are many uses for these apples. Use them in a pie or for an apple crumble. They are also great sliced and added to salads.

Sugar: I tried this jam recipe and it’s very good, with 1.5 cups of sugar for 1kg of apples. If you’re having trouble spreading the green apple jam, give it time. It will become soft enough in a few minutes. When the green apple jam is allowed to cool and set, it will attain a soft set that spreads easily.

If you like very low sugar, you should use 1 cup and it will be about the same yield. Typically, 1 cup of sugar is added to 1 pound of fruit for jam, but if you want to make it sweeter, you could add up to 2 cups of sugar for 1 kg of apples.

Lemon: If you want to make jam with lemon, you should add lemon juice. Pectin is an enzyme that helps the jam set in jams and jellies. Sour fruits taste better to me so I add extra lemon juice for a sweet and sour flavor.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon adds great flavor to everything it touches! Cinnamon is delicious, but adding it halfway through the cooking process is an easy way to ruin the taste. This changes the color of the jam and the taste of the mixture.

Spices: Spices are not important at all – you can use them or not. I like to add ginger too. If you do choose to use other spices like cloves, cardamom, and/or nutmeg.



Take a bite out of this delicious, soft ripe apple. You can do so using either a spoon or your teeth. You need to use fresh, not over-ripe, apples in order to increase the shelf life of your apple crisp. Cut away any dark spots and or soft areas. You can prevent apples from turning dark by placing them in a wide-based, thick-bottomed pot filled with water and lemon juice. For chunky apple jam, chop the apple to the desired size. Fill two bowls or dishes with ice and water. Put the plate you want to test on top of one of the cold plates.


  • Put all the ingredients in a large pan. Heat over medium-high heat and bring to a boil.
  • How much sugar you add depends on your taste preference. I would use 1.5 cups to make a moderately sweet apple jam.
  • Put a lid on the pot and let the apple slices simmer in the steam for about 15 minutes, or until they become translucent.
  • At this stage either mash for a pulpy jam. For a smooth jam use an immersion blender. I love to mash apples and add a little agave or honey to taste. Blitz in the blender for a smooth texture.
  • When using a food processor or blender, always turn the machine off while the ingredients are still in the container.
  • When cooking the jam over low heat for about 20 minutes, make sure it doesn’t boil too much.
  • Don’t stir the jam when it comes time to set up. Stir it when the jam reaches the setting stage and then
  • The moment you hear your jam is about to set is the time when you make a mark on the side of the container
  • It’s best to test the jam on a cold plate to see if it’s ready to set. Place a large drop of hot apple jam on a cold metal plate and let it cool for 30 seconds. The drop of jam will not spread. Don’t worry if you see any water separating around the drop.

Pro Tips

  • Making your own homemade jam is easy and a great way to preserve the summer harvest or get creative with your jams and jellies.
  • You don’t need fancy equipment to make your own homemade jams.
  • The best apples for this recipe are Granny Smith. They are tart and crisp, so they won’t be sweet.
  • There is only a ¼ inch of space on top of the jar between the seal and jam. I love storing my jams in my glass jars in the cupboard or in the fridge. Don’t forget about the other jars! Freeze them for later use.

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Apple Jam recipe

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