A Filipino Dinner and Which Dishes to Try

filipino dinner

Filipino Dinners and Which Dishes to Try – Filipino cuisine features several dishes that cover a more sour flavor profile. You will also find plenty of dishes with soy sauce, vinegar, or both included in the ingredients. When it comes to dish types, there are plenty of soups and saucy dishes you can try. There are also plenty of noodle and fried dishes you can try in Filipino cuisine. Given that recommendations for Filipino dishes can be long, it can be hard to choose which to try. If you’re looking for a dish you can enjoy for a hearty dinner, there are different dishes you can try out.

Soup, Stew, and Noodle Dishes for a Filipino Dinner

As stated, there are several soup and noodle dishes you can try in Filipino cuisine. If you’re dealing with rainy weather and want something to warm you up for the night, here are some dishes to try to enjoy a Filipino dinner;

Filipino Callos Recipe: This recipe refers to a type of stew featuring ox tripe, vegetables, and smoked sausage in a tomato-based sauce with spices. If you want to try something new, this is a recipe to check out.

Tinolang Tahong: There are plenty of recipes involving mussels and with this Filipino mussels recipe involves mussels in a ginger broth with pepper leaves that makes for a great rainy day dish.

Lechon Paksiw: Lechon is a classic pork dish you can find in Filipino parties and a great way to make use of any leftover lechon is with this dish. It’s basically a flavorful stew made up of leftover roasted pork with a mixture of vinegar and other spices.

Pancit Malabon: Have you ever seen an orange noodle dish? This Filipino noodle dish is a classic consisting of shrimp, pork rinds, and hardboiled egg mixed in an orange colored sauce.

Vegan Filipino Sphagetti: Filipino spaghetti is a unique dish featuring banana ketchup and hotdog pieces. With this healthy alternative you can still enjoy a Filipino classic with vegan meat as the only change in the recipe.

Dinardaraan Ilocano: Dinuguan, otherwise known as “Pig Blood Stew”, may not sound like an appetizing dish but it has more flavor than you think. If you’re unsure about the stew aspect of the dish, you can try this dryer version known as Dinardaraan Ilocano.

Meat Dishes for a Filipino Dinner

There are several Filipino dishes featuring different protein done in different methods. These are just a few dishes you can try in Filipino cuisine:

Beef Sisig: Sisig is a classic sizzling plate dish that usually involves pork and chili. With this beef variation, you can enjoy another option for this classic dish, especially when topped with an egg.

Chicken Sisig: Sisig has a fair amount of alternatives if you cannot have prok. This chicken sisig dish is one of them and it’s healthy too.

Tuna Sisig: If you’re tight on money and want to experience sisig, tuna sisig is the option for you. This sizzling plate alternative is great with either fresh or canned tuna.

Pork Bistek: There are plenty of pork dishes in Filipino cuisine, and if you happen to have pork chops in the pantry, this dish is one to try. Pork Bistek is basically a savory pork chop dish featuring a sauce with onion and soy.

Filipino Beef Inihaw Recipe: Inihaw, which usually refers to grilled or roasted dishes in Filipino cuisine, has plenty of options for protein. One of those options is beef.

Filipino Hot Dog Recipe: Filipino hot dog is different from your regular hotdog. For one thing, it is bright red in color, and the other, it has a salty undertone and is made with pork. There are plenty of Filipino dishes with Filipino hotdog, and this stir fry variation lets you try both Filipino hot dog and banana ketchup.

These are just a few dishes you can try as a peek into Filipino cuisine, and if these savory dishes seem a bit much, you can also check out snacks like “Siopao Bola Bola” ot have a look at Filipino desserts.

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