In case you’re wondering what recipe will help you to get rid of extra fat in a short span of time, chickpeas in an Indian style or simple Chickpea salad will definitely be game-changing for you. Chana salad is a balanced diet loaded with the essentials, including high-protein, nutritious foods. You can use this recipe to prepare your post-workout meal. Use chickpeas and fresh veggies for a hearty and delicious filling, and combine it with a light, tangy yogurt dressing.

Chickpea salad


A great recipe for Indian chickpeas salad for weight loss is the one that keeps me running throughout the day in a productive manner. I often have it for breakfast or a light snack during the day if I don’t have any other snacks, and then for dinner. I’m a true lover of Mediterranean salad, and here I made a delicious and healthy version of chickpea salad in Indian style. Locally known as chana masala, this dish is a complete meal of its own.

When you eat this, you have a delicious and healthy snack that is popular throughout the Mediterranean area. This is my go-to snack when I’m hungry. In India and Pakistan, famous as chana salad, and in the United States, people love to have this chickpea salad.

I want to make more dishes with chickpeas. I created this dish using boiled potatoes, steamed chickpeas, diced tomatoes, chopped onions, a spicy yogurt dressing, and a touch of fresh coriander. It’s also perfect for Indian tastes.


This protein salad is 100% healthy. It’s made with high-quality whey protein and contains vitamins and minerals. The best for weight loss is going to keep you full for a long time. Improve digestive system. It could be a replacement for meat. Salad, as you may know, is a combination of fresh green leafy vegetables such as lettuce, spinach, and other greens, and protein. Toss in some extra vegetables and it makes for a delicious weeknight meal. Try pairing it up with baked chicken or tandoori chicken.


  • Boiled Chickpea
  • Cucumber
  • Boiled Potatoes
  • Tomato Cubes
  • Onion (Chopped) 
  • Green chilies
  • Yogurt seasoned with salt
  • red chili powder
  • black pepper.


In a salad bowl add boiled chickpeas, boiled potato in form of cubes, cucumber cubes, chopped onion, green chilies, and tomato cubes (you can peel off the skin).

Now prepare yogurt salad dressing with available ingredients. Add yogurt to a bowl. Mix well with salt, red chilies, and black pepper. You can also add chopped green chilies if you like spicy. Now pour the yogurt into the chickpea salad bowl, mix well, and serve!

Chickpea salad


You can make different types of chickpea salads using different combinations of vegetables and dressing. Different salad dressings will give you a different taste from the salad. In this recipe, I use yogurt because it’s a healthy dressing but you could use something else instead that you prefer. These are the three ingredients that make this salad irresistible. They’re essential for creating a fabulous dish. You can opt for these tips to make a juicy and tempting salad for your lunch and dinner. The best way to make sure your chickpeas are soft and ready to use. You must avoid eating these hard chickpeas are not good for the digestive system.

Different vegetables have different sizes and shapes so they should be uniform when preparing a salad to give the dish a nice look and taste. I prepared small cubes of vegetables and added lemon juice to them. You can also use different vegetables as per your availability. You can add sweet corn, capsicum, carrots, cabbage, and any other vegetable you want to make this recipe even healthier. The salad dressing should not be over-spiced. In a yogurt-based salad dressing, taking non-watery yogurt will make it so your salad will not be watery. You can store this salad for a week. Just keep it in the refrigerator or else it will spoil. Make a fresh salad! Don’t store the salad in the refrigerator, because that’s where it tends to go bad.


Yes, you can store this salad in the refrigerator for up to 2 days in an airtight glass container. This pie can be made ahead of time and it tastes great when served.


Make sure to add extra to the salad, because there are lots of ideas to use up this chickpea salad. It’s healthy and delicious! This salad is super healthy, but it also tastes good. You can also add feta or parmesan for additional flavor. Changing the salad dressing will give it a new flavor. I have tried out lemon and olive oil dressing with baked chicken. It tastes really good!

Why Is it Best for Weight loss?

Chickpeas are a great source of protein, folic acid, and essential vitamins. If you’re trying to lose weight, you might want to add some fiber to your diet. This is a healthy way to lose weight.

Are Chickpeas Keto?

As there is some carbohydrate content in this dish so it’s not recommended to follow a keto diet but if you are planning to lose weight in a healthy way then this dish is best suited for you because it is full of protein.

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